David Last

In a previous post, I mentioned the excellent podcast from Resonance FM: Rhythm Incursions. The second Rhythm Incursions podcast was a session by David Last. According to the podcast description:

“Fusing dancehall-style rhythms with almost a minimal house kinda vibe, he weaves together a sonic collage that draws you in and hypnotises you from the get-go. Don’t be mistaken: this is post-club music at its finest – the kind of thing you put on when its 3am, you’re tired as hell and wanting to wind down after a night out on the tiles.”

Here’s my favourite bit from the podcast:


Satellite TV versus Ball games

Satellite TV vs Ball games

I’ve wanted to take this picture for a long time. I could hardly believe it when this appeared on the only wall kids could use to play ball against. One day, a Sky Digital guy arrived to install the dish and the sign. Having hundreds of shit channels and being fed advertising all day long is obviously more important than allowing your kids to play out.

Leeds city centre pictures

Went for a walk in the town centre this afternoon. My reason for being in town was that I needed a belt. As usual I felt a little lost in the midst of the city crowd. Unexpectedly, I found a belt. I also took a few pictures. I’m quite happy with the Staple Abuse one.

City pictures (7 photos)

Barry Adamson is good, I am stupid

I just did something really stupid. Actually, no!! It wasn’t me, it was bad software design. I use this little programme to cut samples out of my mp3 files. It’s called mp3trim and it’s very basic. You choose where the sample starts and where it ends and you click Save! (more exclamation mark abuse, the Internet / computer world is littered with exclamation marks).

mp3trim screenshot

So, I was cutting a sample from the very excellent Walk the Last Mile by Barry Adamson so I could post it on this blog and I clicked Save! without thinking. You guessed it, I really should’ve clicked Save As. Maybe that’s why they added the exclamation mark. Well, it wasn’t enough to deter me. Thinking about it, it probably encouraged me. Now, I need to rip the CD again (I do own the CD by the way).

Anyway, here’s the sample: Barry Adamson‘s excellent voice on the intro of Walk the Last Mile:


Rashomon at the Wardrobe

Right, yet again I have no idea how to start this post. I go to a gig, I take some pictures and then I sit in front of the screen and it takes me ages to write anything. I usually end up writing a short bland paragraph such as:

Went to a gig the other night. I liked it. Here are some photos.

This has to stop. So I decided to go ahead and write my thoughts. Will I write about the music and the night at the Wardrobe? Maybe. We’ll see.

OK. So, (was it Wednesday? Yes it was. Man, I always have to pause when I write Wednesday… W.E.D.N.E.S.D.A.Y. and don’t forget the capital W!), Wednesday (the 26th) I went to the Wardrobe for another LIMA gig (and there we go again, nothing really exciting yet hey?). This was the first event at the Wardrobe since the Showcase in May. I was really looking forward to another gig at the Wardrobe because the sound is so much better than anywhere else in Leeds and you usually get a good audience.

The evening started with Inertia Trio which I found bland (not worth going into much more detail to be honest). Wow! I just wrote something negative about a gig! This is a first.

Anyway, after that, it was Rashomon‘s turn: lots of people on stage, two drummers (including Paul Hession), Richard Ormrod, his weird instruments and his cards (with instructions such as “play something you now” and “greasy”). As expected, it was very chaotic. Maybe a little too ambitious but very enjoyable. As usual, here are some pictures:


Free jazz at the Packhorse

Last Thursday was time for another gig. The line up was supposed to be Matt Bourne & Christophe DeBezenac followed by Quartet Alpha but half of Quartet Alpha was missing so we got this instead:

Matt Bourne, Dave Kane, Chris de Bezenac & Stale Birkeland

Matt Bourne, Dave Kane, Chris de Bezenac & Stale Birkeland

The gig started with only 5 people in the audience but the room quickly filled up. The band played 4 pieces (could’ve been 5, not quite sure now). The sound was good and each musician contributed some great performances. Here are a few photos I took. Lighting was kind of red and as usual, I didn’t use a flash so they are dark and… well, kind of red.

Free jazz at the Packhorse