In the train

This is an experiment with on-the-move wireless internet access. GNER offer wireless access (for a small fee) and I decided I’d give it a go. So here goes: a photo taken with my laptop camera, uploaded to Flickr via GNER‘s wireless connection and blogged via WordPress. And all this from the (relative) comfort of my seat on a moving train. I love technology when it works!

In the train

Spring in the garden

Yum yum Today was sunny and felt very much like spring. We have a few pots full of wall flowers in the garden so I took a series of close-up shots. I was very lucky to capture a bumblebee working its way through the flowers. Check my album for more flower and bumblebee photos.


Waterfall detail Waterfall detail
Uploaded on 16th April, 2006
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I took this picture while on my day at Ogden Water Reservoir. This is a close-up of a small waterfall.

This post is also my first posting from Flickr so it is a bit of a test.