Jim Black tonight!

OK, I’m excited. Jim Black is back in Leeds and I’m going to see him. I’m getting ready as I type. This will be the fourth time I see Jim Black in Leeds! He’s been amazing every time so I’m really looking forward to tonight’s gig. Check this space for some photos (hopefully not as blurry and dark as my latest gig pics).

Minghe Morte’s Requiem

Here’s my only photo of last week’s Minghe Morte gig at the Fenton.

Chris Bussey somewhere behind the blur

Maybe due to the nasty weather, the turnout was very low which impacted quite a lot on the atmosphere. Minghe Morte‘s music was again full of raw energy. Chris Bussey‘s drumming seems to get better and better every time I see him. One major disappointment (apart from the tiny audience): the sound ruined a lot of the performance. It sounded like a massive reverb was drowning most of the subtleties that make Minghe Morte so great.

I also saw Rumple Bombaclaat vs Don’t Lick the Knife. As laptop gigs go, this was pretty good with a few real gems emerging from the general chaos of noise generated by the 2 PowerBooks.

Rumple Bombaclaat vs  Don't Lick the Knife

David Last

In a previous post, I mentioned the excellent podcast from Resonance FM: Rhythm Incursions. The second Rhythm Incursions podcast was a session by David Last. According to the podcast description:

“Fusing dancehall-style rhythms with almost a minimal house kinda vibe, he weaves together a sonic collage that draws you in and hypnotises you from the get-go. Don’t be mistaken: this is post-club music at its finest – the kind of thing you put on when its 3am, you’re tired as hell and wanting to wind down after a night out on the tiles.”

Here’s my favourite bit from the podcast:


Satellite TV versus Ball games

Satellite TV vs Ball games

I’ve wanted to take this picture for a long time. I could hardly believe it when this appeared on the only wall kids could use to play ball against. One day, a Sky Digital guy arrived to install the dish and the sign. Having hundreds of shit channels and being fed advertising all day long is obviously more important than allowing your kids to play out.

Leeds city centre pictures

Went for a walk in the town centre this afternoon. My reason for being in town was that I needed a belt. As usual I felt a little lost in the midst of the city crowd. Unexpectedly, I found a belt. I also took a few pictures. I’m quite happy with the Staple Abuse one.

City pictures (7 photos)