Free jazz at the Packhorse

Last Thursday was time for another gig. The line up was supposed to be Matt Bourne & Christophe DeBezenac followed by Quartet Alpha but half of Quartet Alpha was missing so we got this instead:

Matt Bourne, Dave Kane, Chris de Bezenac & Stale Birkeland

Matt Bourne, Dave Kane, Chris de Bezenac & Stale Birkeland

The gig started with only 5 people in the audience but the room quickly filled up. The band played 4 pieces (could’ve been 5, not quite sure now). The sound was good and each musician contributed some great performances. Here are a few photos I took. Lighting was kind of red and as usual, I didn’t use a flash so they are dark and… well, kind of red.

Free jazz at the Packhorse

I’ll be brand new tomorrow

Bought loads of stuff yesterday. New clothes, new music, new hair. New hair? Well, no, I didn’t buy new hair, I just got it cut shorter (very adventurous!). Anyway, got some new clothes, hence the new tiny-pic™ in the sidebar (can you just about see the new hoody?).

Sepultura: RootsCouldn’t resist a second-hand CD shop on my way back from town. Bought 3 albums:

  • Roots, Sepultura
  • Reinventing the Steel, Pantera
  • The Melody At Night, With You, Keith Jarrett

The guy in the shop told me: “There’s an odd one out here“. 😉 Anyway, it was really good to hear this again:


By the way: the audio player above is also new. Expect more audio gem samples in the future.

Highly recommended: Rhythm Incursions

Rhythm Incursions Like many of us, when I first heard of podcasting, I thought: “Great! Another source for interesting music!”. I explored the podcast directories I could find at the time but was quickly disappointed by the lack of quality music programmes. Until now, I only subscribed to 2 podcasts: BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time and Benjamin Walker’s Theory of Everything; both are talk radio shows although TOE contains some nice background music. Anyway, my point today is that I have finally found a really good music podcast: Rhythm Incursions. It comes from the excellent Resonnance fm radio station. Here’s how they describe the podcast:

“The Rhythm Incursions podcast is arguably the first ever music radio show to be podcast with the complete consent and involvement of the record labels it supports. Tagging itself as “picking up where hip hop stops”, the show covers all kinds of divergent beats, from the glitched out beats of the Planet Mu label to the leftfield hip hop of Bully Records, from the smoked out Crooklyn dub of the Wordsound stable to the mashed out junglism of the Mashit label. Trust us, this is a show you do not want to miss…”

Improv at Holy Trinity / Chaos at Milo

Yesterday, went to the Holy Trinity Church to watch Phil Minton & Roger Turner make some great music. I’ve been real lucky with gigs recently. Can’t remember last time I was disappointed by a live performance.

Holy Trinity Church

The Holy Trinity Church

Took a few pictures inside the church. Not great but worth a look I think.

Launch gallery »

After this, we were off to Milo for another Minghe Morte gig!! Hooray! The gig was short (too short), loud and fast: perfect! 🙂

Minghe Morte at Milo


Another mirror self-portrait

Self portrait

I took this picture at Milo yesterday night after the Minghe Morte gig. The “ping-pong eyeball” thing happened by chance. I noticed it when I looked at the photo afterwards. Must be a mark on the mirror…

A personal note

3 weeks without a cigarette. I feel rather good. No major breathing problems, no scary pains in the chest area. Yes, I feel pretty good. It’s early October but today was warm. Played frisbee at lunch time and it felt more like Spring than Autumn. Good isn’t it?

Should be. I’m increasingly pleased with my photos. The self-portrait I took at the Brudenell Social is my favourite so far. Even some of my party photos are going to feature on some website somewhere sometime… I think I need my own camera. With my very own I think I’d have an even stronger sense of ownership. Hehe. Just came up with this theory. I’m good with theories me.

This is the first proper personal post on this blog. Might there be more to come? Who knows? I certainly don’t (certainly not me, certainly not me). This blog is growing in a strange organic way. I wonder if anyone is reading out there? I should write more and with more song references (I like song references (I also like brackets a lot)).

Hey! I think I could get used to this type of writing. Feels like I managed to write a decent amount.

And what about substance?!?

Well, I’m thinking that substance will eventually turn up at one point. This post might be a little weak on the substance side but you have to start somewhere, don’t you? I know I can do this. And am I not the main reader of Lepti? I mean, isn’t this my personal weblog? Well there, I can write what I want.

Till next time, my advice for today is: make stuff.