A personal note

3 weeks without a cigarette. I feel rather good. No major breathing problems, no scary pains in the chest area. Yes, I feel pretty good. It’s early October but today was warm. Played frisbee at lunch time and it felt more like Spring than Autumn. Good isn’t it?

Should be. I’m increasingly pleased with my photos. The self-portrait I took at the Brudenell Social is my favourite so far. Even some of my party photos are going to feature on some website somewhere sometime… I think I need my own camera. With my very own I think I’d have an even stronger sense of ownership. Hehe. Just came up with this theory. I’m good with theories me.

This is the first proper personal post on this blog. Might there be more to come? Who knows? I certainly don’t (certainly not me, certainly not me). This blog is growing in a strange organic way. I wonder if anyone is reading out there? I should write more and with more song references (I like song references (I also like brackets a lot)).

Hey! I think I could get used to this type of writing. Feels like I managed to write a decent amount.

And what about substance?!?

Well, I’m thinking that substance will eventually turn up at one point. This post might be a little weak on the substance side but you have to start somewhere, don’t you? I know I can do this. And am I not the main reader of Lepti? I mean, isn’t this my personal weblog? Well there, I can write what I want.

Till next time, my advice for today is: make stuff.