Podcast fever

Escape PodA while ago, I blogged about Rhythm Incursions, an excellent podcast from Resonance FM. Since then, I have discovered other equally good offerings from the station: Red Zero Radio and Hooting Yard. Via Resonance FM, I also discovered an excellent SF podcast called Escape Pod. Escape Pod podcast weekly quality SF stories and features. I’ve listened to 3 episodes so far and it sounds very promising. If you are into your Science Fiction, go listen to a story and become a subscriber.

David Last

In a previous post, I mentioned the excellent podcast from Resonance FM: Rhythm Incursions. The second Rhythm Incursions podcast was a session by David Last. According to the podcast description:

“Fusing dancehall-style rhythms with almost a minimal house kinda vibe, he weaves together a sonic collage that draws you in and hypnotises you from the get-go. Don’t be mistaken: this is post-club music at its finest – the kind of thing you put on when its 3am, you’re tired as hell and wanting to wind down after a night out on the tiles.”

Here’s my favourite bit from the podcast:


Highly recommended: Rhythm Incursions

Rhythm Incursions Like many of us, when I first heard of podcasting, I thought: “Great! Another source for interesting music!”. I explored the podcast directories I could find at the time but was quickly disappointed by the lack of quality music programmes. Until now, I only subscribed to 2 podcasts: BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time and Benjamin Walker’s Theory of Everything; both are talk radio shows although TOE contains some nice background music. Anyway, my point today is that I have finally found a really good music podcast: Rhythm Incursions. It comes from the excellent Resonnance fm radio station. Here’s how they describe the podcast:

“The Rhythm Incursions podcast is arguably the first ever music radio show to be podcast with the complete consent and involvement of the record labels it supports. Tagging itself as “picking up where hip hop stops”, the show covers all kinds of divergent beats, from the glitched out beats of the Planet Mu label to the leftfield hip hop of Bully Records, from the smoked out Crooklyn dub of the Wordsound stable to the mashed out junglism of the Mashit label. Trust us, this is a show you do not want to miss…”

Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu HustleWent to see Kung Fu Hustle yesterday. When I saw Shaolin Soccer last year, I remember thinking it was the best comedy I had seen in years. Well, Kung Fu Hustle didn’t disappoint either. With most of the Shaolin Soccer cast getting back together with a bigger budget and more ambitious story line, this could have been a disaster like so many follow-ups. For once, bigger and better actually worked.

Photo by Adyani, Saeed and Sun, Tang Chak – © 2004 Sony Pictures Entertainment. All rights reserved.

It’s summer…

I feel gooooooood…

Converting Vegetarians - Infected MushroomIt’s finally here. After a few false starts, torrential rain and positively chilly winds, Summer has arrived. Glorious sunshine and hypnotising blue skies, it feels good to be living again. Man, it feels good. Perfect temperature for listening to Infected Mushroom‘s masterpiece The Other Side, the second disc of the Converting Vegetarians album. Oh yes. This is high quality stuff. You just have to listen to it loud. Actually, louder that loud. The orchestration and arrangements are superb, the rhythms always flow in the right direction, the diversity of the sound textures and the variety of the melodic influences make this a piece of work of the highest quality.

Highlights: Converting Vegetarians and Blink

Disappointments: NONE