LIMA Orchestra at Fuseleeds06

The Orchestra gives Ken Vandermark some musical spacceLIMA’s first birthday at the Wardrobe for Fuseleeds06. The LIMA Orchestra were as good as I expected them to be (and this means VERY good). Ken Vandermark and 2 of his Free Fall fellow musicians joined the Orchestra for the second half. Too many saxophones, incendiary grooves, virtuoso performances and excellent song titles (rubber band, pigeons in the attic, um I think you’re a semi-tone out…) made this one of the best performances I have ever seen at the Wardrobe. Thank you LIMA and happy birthday!

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Hot dogs, bingo and degradation

To celebrate the first anniversary of their first “proper gig” (Colin’s own words), Minghe Morte have announced another feeder gig! Last year, it was cheese toasties; this year, it will be hot dogs. And of course there will be a bingo interval with hopefully more unique and exciting prizes (if I remember correctly, one of last year’s top prizes was a Minghe Morte chicken dinner for one).

And if the promise of free hot dogs and bingo is not enough to get you down to the Packhorse on June 12, I have heard from reliable sources (Colin himself and the LIMA website) that Chris de Bezenac will be generating extra dirt with his brand new laptop. Yeah!

I’ll be there. Will you? (whoever you are)

Chris Bussey Colin Sutton on guitar Chris de Bezenac

In the train

This is an experiment with on-the-move wireless internet access. GNER offer wireless access (for a small fee) and I decided I’d give it a go. So here goes: a photo taken with my laptop camera, uploaded to Flickr via GNER‘s wireless connection and blogged via WordPress. And all this from the (relative) comfort of my seat on a moving train. I love technology when it works!

In the train