LIMA Orchestra at Fuseleeds06

The Orchestra gives Ken Vandermark some musical spacceLIMA’s first birthday at the Wardrobe for Fuseleeds06. The LIMA Orchestra were as good as I expected them to be (and this means VERY good). Ken Vandermark and 2 of his Free Fall fellow musicians joined the Orchestra for the second half. Too many saxophones, incendiary grooves, virtuoso performances and excellent song titles (rubber band, pigeons in the attic, um I think you’re a semi-tone out…) made this one of the best performances I have ever seen at the Wardrobe. Thank you LIMA and happy birthday!

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  1. Yeah,

    Shit ! I pushed on the enter touch before to finish to write. Now i’m trying to continue my notes :
    Thanks a lot Martin for your comments about LIMA. I have earded him on myspace and it’s great. Incredible Leeds !

    PS : I’m a french people and it’s fun to write in a perfect english language, isn’t ?

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