I’ll be brand new tomorrow

Bought loads of stuff yesterday. New clothes, new music, new hair. New hair? Well, no, I didn’t buy new hair, I just got it cut shorter (very adventurous!). Anyway, got some new clothes, hence the new tiny-pic™ in the sidebar (can you just about see the new hoody?).

Sepultura: RootsCouldn’t resist a second-hand CD shop on my way back from town. Bought 3 albums:

  • Roots, Sepultura
  • Reinventing the Steel, Pantera
  • The Melody At Night, With You, Keith Jarrett

The guy in the shop told me: “There’s an odd one out here“. 😉 Anyway, it was really good to hear this again:


By the way: the audio player above is also new. Expect more audio gem samples in the future.

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