Barry Adamson is good, I am stupid

I just did something really stupid. Actually, no!! It wasn’t me, it was bad software design. I use this little programme to cut samples out of my mp3 files. It’s called mp3trim and it’s very basic. You choose where the sample starts and where it ends and you click Save! (more exclamation mark abuse, the Internet / computer world is littered with exclamation marks).

mp3trim screenshot

So, I was cutting a sample from the very excellent Walk the Last Mile by Barry Adamson so I could post it on this blog and I clicked Save! without thinking. You guessed it, I really should’ve clicked Save As. Maybe that’s why they added the exclamation mark. Well, it wasn’t enough to deter me. Thinking about it, it probably encouraged me. Now, I need to rip the CD again (I do own the CD by the way).

Anyway, here’s the sample: Barry Adamson‘s excellent voice on the intro of Walk the Last Mile:


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