Rashomon at the Wardrobe

Right, yet again I have no idea how to start this post. I go to a gig, I take some pictures and then I sit in front of the screen and it takes me ages to write anything. I usually end up writing a short bland paragraph such as:

Went to a gig the other night. I liked it. Here are some photos.

This has to stop. So I decided to go ahead and write my thoughts. Will I write about the music and the night at the Wardrobe? Maybe. We’ll see.

OK. So, (was it Wednesday? Yes it was. Man, I always have to pause when I write Wednesday… W.E.D.N.E.S.D.A.Y. and don’t forget the capital W!), Wednesday (the 26th) I went to the Wardrobe for another LIMA gig (and there we go again, nothing really exciting yet hey?). This was the first event at the Wardrobe since the Showcase in May. I was really looking forward to another gig at the Wardrobe because the sound is so much better than anywhere else in Leeds and you usually get a good audience.

The evening started with Inertia Trio which I found bland (not worth going into much more detail to be honest). Wow! I just wrote something negative about a gig! This is a first.

Anyway, after that, it was Rashomon‘s turn: lots of people on stage, two drummers (including Paul Hession), Richard Ormrod, his weird instruments and his cards (with instructions such as “play something you now” and “greasy”). As expected, it was very chaotic. Maybe a little too ambitious but very enjoyable. As usual, here are some pictures:


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