Last LIMA gig of 2005

Just come back from the Cardigan Arms where LIMA presented their last gig of 2005. I had the pleasure of discovering the incredible talent of Paul Dunmall, Paul Rogers & Philip Gibbs. What a treat this was! LIMA presented these guys as a “world class improv trio” and I have to agree 100%. Great stuff.

We also got to see a short set by Kane/Sharkey/deBezenac. I don’t think I’ll ever get fed up of these guys. Their music just gets better and better. Both trios joined forces for an amazing finish. All in all an evening of the highest quality.

Apparently, the next LIMA event will be in February. Thanks for a great Autumn season! Can’t wait for what’s coming up next year.

Jim Black tonight!

OK, I’m excited. Jim Black is back in Leeds and I’m going to see him. I’m getting ready as I type. This will be the fourth time I see Jim Black in Leeds! He’s been amazing every time so I’m really looking forward to tonight’s gig. Check this space for some photos (hopefully not as blurry and dark as my latest gig pics).

Minghe Morte’s Requiem

Here’s my only photo of last week’s Minghe Morte gig at the Fenton.

Chris Bussey somewhere behind the blur

Maybe due to the nasty weather, the turnout was very low which impacted quite a lot on the atmosphere. Minghe Morte‘s music was again full of raw energy. Chris Bussey‘s drumming seems to get better and better every time I see him. One major disappointment (apart from the tiny audience): the sound ruined a lot of the performance. It sounded like a massive reverb was drowning most of the subtleties that make Minghe Morte so great.

I also saw Rumple Bombaclaat vs Don’t Lick the Knife. As laptop gigs go, this was pretty good with a few real gems emerging from the general chaos of noise generated by the 2 PowerBooks.

Rumple Bombaclaat vs  Don't Lick the Knife